AquaticFit Therapy

If you are recovering from an injury or have a chronic illness, let us help you work your way back to 100%. We have certified and qualified Physical Therapists on staff to write you a custom rehabilitation plan and instructors to implement it. 

AquaticFit therapy can decrease swelling and fluid pressure and help improve joint motion. This can be beneficial to people who have experienced joint sprains, torn ligaments and to people with arthritic disorders that have joint and soft tissue swelling. It can also be beneficial to people experiencing muscle spasms, back pain, and people with fibromyalgia as the warmth of the water relaxes muscles and blood vessels therefore increasing blood flow to injured areas. 

It is also important to note that anyone with chronic illness or pain, or an injury should consult their physician before beginning aqua therapy or any physical therapy/rehabilitation exercise program, especially those with cardiac disease.