Lifesaving Courses

AquaticFit and it's Heath & Safety Instructors are proud Authorized Providers for the American Red Cross, YMCA, and American Heart Association.  We offer courses to both individuals and groups.  Make sure that your workplace and employees are prepared for an emergency. We not only offer full service courses to places of work, but also to various organizations (PTA, Clubs, etc) and Schools.  Everyone should be prepared in the event of an emergency! Enroll today!

Courses Currently Offered:

  • Jr. Lifeguarding
  • Lifeguard Training
  • Basic & Pro CPR
  • Basic & Pro First Aid Responder
  • AED
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Water Safety Instructor Training

Why is it important to be CPR/ First Aid Certified?

Early defibrillation is 100% proven to help in the case of a cardiac or breathing emergency.  Understanding how to react and act to a cardiac emergency can save your child, co-worker, client, friend or stranger’s lives.  

Why should I take the course through your company rather than directly through the American Red Cross?

Our courses are taught at an accelerated pace, so you spend half the time gaining the same certification. Our class sizes are small and we cater to your needs. With a smaller class size, participants also gain a better grasp of the material and are more likely to follow the correct protocol for saving someone’s life in the event of an emergency.  

Where are the classes held?

Some classes can be held in your home and at your personal pool, so we can cater the class around your schedule.  We also have some designated locations if you don’t have one of your own. 

How long is each class?

It depends on the class size and the course being taken. We can almost guarantee that your class will be completed quicker than any other Authorized Provider out in the area. 

Feel free to contact us if you had any further questions!

Are you an Authorized Provider looking to teach a class in partnership with AquaticFit? Apply here!