This class is designed to first and foremost establish a basis for water safety at a young age. Teaching your infant or toddler to roll over and float on their back is a survival skill in the event that they fall in the water face first will prove invaluable. 

While safety plays a major role in why we offer these classes, we also love to promote fun in the water for all ages. Plus, this is a perfect way to bond with your child while following instructions from a certified instructor. 

Throughout Parent and Tot classes, we teach you different techniques to get your infant or toddler water acclimated and comfortable and give you ideas to use while in the bath tub to continue the acclimation process at home. 

Although, no one is drown-proof, we are confident that we can potentially save lives by teaching infants and toddlers to be relaxed in the water and how to roll over and float on their backs and/or swim to get safely back to the edge of the pool.