Want to have a pool party?

We have experienced American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards on staff trained in CPR, AED and First Aid to supervise your pool party.  Not only do we keep your guests safe, giving you the peace of mind that an accidental drowning will not occur, but we also provide fun water activities upon request (multiple lifeguards may be required).  

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How much notice do I need to give when booking a lifeguard for my party?

Many times we are able to accommodate a last minute request, but to make sure you are guaranteed a lifeguard for your party, we ask that you book at least 1-2 weeks prior to your engagement. If you are booking less than 48 hours prior to your engagement, we do charge a rush fee.  If for some reason we cannot accommodate your party, you will be notified and a full refund will be given.

What types of activities can your lifeguards provide for my party?

Our lifeguards are very personable and want to promote a safe yet fun experience in the pool, with that said, their main objective is to watch the pool and keep swimmer from drowning. For non-experienced swimmers, we do require that you hire two lifeguards for your party so one can effectively watch the pool while the other conducts the water activities.

Some of the activities that we do include: relay races, sharks and minnows, colors of the rainbow, diving challenges, and much more!

If you have any questions that are not answered on the website, feel free to contact us.